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Funky Star Is Back!!! :)

Hi All :) In last year i was really busy thats why i didin't update my blog... In january 2012 i meet really sweet girl named Ewelina and i fall in Love with her from the first moment :) She is really cute and very inteligent person. I just Love to spend time with her. She like's dancing and horror movies just like me :D and she is very talented graphic artist. Here You can check her digarts they are very nicely done. We are together about 4 months but i know for sure that this feeling will last till the end of time cause i Love her so much like nobody never before. Now if You like check my soundcloud account cause for last Year i was producing my own Funky Filter Disco House track's. I hope You will enjoy my music and share it to the world :)) Thanks.   Peace and Love

Some of my tunes:

My Soundcloud Account:


wtorek, 24 maja 2011


He is a 32 year old dj/producer from Philadelphia. After couple of years leading into 2000, EQ grew too greatly appreciate all forms of electronic music. Around 2000, he started putting together a home studio and began producing a variety of styles and tracks. As the years went on, DJ EQ settled back into the funky house sound he had first fell in love with all those years ago in the 90's and began producing a wide range of Disco/Funky/Filter tracks. So now check out some of He's greatest track's and enjoy :))  Peace and Love.

2. DJ EQ - Atmosphere (Original Mix)

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He is a 28 year old DJ and producer from Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. He started working on an AMIGA 1200 in 1996 trying to produce samplebased housemusic in 4-track tracker-software. From 2002 till 2008 he was constantly working on some trax in the backround but most of the time he was focussed on DJing in the ruhr-area. In 2008 he released the "Just for your love EP" as a digital EP. 2009 started with the 80's influenced "Lightstepper" which received massive support from various discohouse-DJs. Check out He's myspace http://www.myspace.com/skingz1 for new releases and enjoy the music :). Peace

SKingz - Light Stepper (Original Mix)

piątek, 18 marca 2011

Agent Stereo

Was born at the mid 80s. He is a producer from Colina, Chile, who has been composing diferent genres of Electronic music since 2000, using differents nicknames for each music genre. He's tracks have been played by djs around the world. For more info about him got to http://www.myspace.com/agentstereo  Ok so.. now let's listen to some of He's finest track's. Enjoy

czwartek, 17 marca 2011

Comming soon....

Hi Everyone! In the next few days I will try to write something more about all French Disco House artists whitch are signed to 4Disco Records. If You don't know them allready I'm sure that after hearing some of their track's You will fall in love with them :))    Peace and Love.

czwartek, 24 lutego 2011

French Kiss...

Hi folks today I would like to present to You one of the finest young French Disco House artist I've ever heard :). Ladies and Gentleman meet Love and Mind !!!. This 18 years old guy from Germany really knows how to do great French House music. He is taking inspirations from such producers as: Daft Punk, Hot 22, Le Knight Club, Room5 and many many more... If You wanna get more info about him check out hes my space here or visit official YouTube channel named PecheRecords. Ok now let's listen to some of he's finest tracks :)) I hope You enjoy them same as me :D    
Peace and Love.

2. Love and Mind - Dream Lover

4. Love and Mind - What Do You Think

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